Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

I am an average Muslimah from a small town in the northwest, UK. I decided to set up a blog for my mainly political (and to some, controversial) poems and other bits and bobs that may interest me in my daily discoverings. I don’t claim to be a professional poet or anything, nor do i aspire to be one. Heck i’m not even an amateur, these poems are simply my thoughts and global concerns down in typing. With so much oppression in the world today, we have to do what we can exercising our abilities and talents wherever possible against it. Those who can talk should talk, those who can write should write. And not to forget, everyone has the ability to lobby, demonstrate and campaign. We have to do whatever we can to get the message across that innocent Muslim blood is not cheap that if spilled there will be no reaction. I do not glorify/incite/support terrorism nor do I get thrills out of watching beheadings, I abhor injustice and we have to speak out even if the oppressor is Muslim and the oppressed non-Muslim.

So may I ask, does speaking out against tyrant rulers, state terrorism and double standards make one a terrorist? Does becoming the voice of the weak, oppressed and neglected make one an extremist?
Anyway i hope you can feel what I feel in my poems and we can stop global oppression against our beloved Ummah insha’Allah.
Feel free to read them, leaving comments if you wish. 🙂



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